Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking



The Alcohol Education Guide to Reducing Harmful Drinking is designed as an interactive, user-friendly guide to developing alcohol education programs. 

Whether you are developing a program from scratch or are applying an existing program in a new setting, the program framework presented in this website can be adapted to your needs.  It includes four key stages:

  • Getting Started:  Once you identify the problem or issue you intend to address, background research will provide a thorough understanding of the issue;
  • Program Design: An appropriate program design will help you address the issue in a targeted way. This section will lead you through the process of determining what you want the program to achieve and how you will achieve it;
  • Implementation: Comprehensive program design also includes clear implementation steps and a plan for carrying out the program;
  • Evaluation: As in integral part of both program design and implementation, evaluation will help you determine if the program achieved its goals.

Three other sections of the Guide provide supportive and complementary resources.

  • INTRODUCTION provides a background to the development of the Guide.
  • PROGRAMS includes examples of good practice in alcohol education programs. Links to detailed descriptions of each program and, where available, links to the program’s website are included.
  • The DOWNLOADS tab will allow you to selectively choose resources, definitions, or other materials included on the website to download and save. You will also be able to download your bookmarks (individual content pages that you select with the bookmarks feature) and the customized content of the program that you developed through your journey through the Guide.

Clicking on the GET STARTED button will move you directly to the beginning of this process. It will allow you to identify an alcohol-related problem or issue and to formulate a statement of your program goal.

By CREATING AN ACCOUNT, you will be able to follow your progress through the Guide, to exit, and to return to where you left off. Throughout the Guide, you will be able to save Guide content to your Dashboard, a ready-resource that contains your profile information, your progress through the Guide, user-generated content, and any selected Guide content, by using the bookmark feature.



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