Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

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Existing Programs

An important part of background research includes understanding what programs have already been implemented to address a similar issue, and what elements of those programs have been shown to be effective.

You don’t always need to create an entire program from scratch. You may be able to adapt an existing program in its entirety, or you may be able to adapt or build on a few of its relevant components, or use materials that suit your Target audience or setting.

The Programs section of this website includes guidance on existing programs.

  • The Programs Search page includes a list of alcohol education programs that meet a set of standards for good practice. Each program has a detailed information page that includes external links that provide more information.
  • The Program Adaptation page addresses the various issues to consider when adapting an existing program to a new setting or for a new target audience.

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Target audience

the particular group to which the program is aimed. For example, young people.