Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking


Program Execution

Using the information you collected during your formative research and the results of your pilot test, you can further refine your program materials or protocol before proceeding with the full-scale implementation.

In addition to the steps described in the data collection process, you will also include the following during program execution:

    • Provide informed consent / assent;
    • Recruit participants;
    • Provide incentives for participation (if appropriate);
    • Administer program activities;
    • Monitor data collection;
    • Monitor trained facilitators and interviewers;
    • Ensure the security of data (collection, storage, and transfer) and the confidentiality of study participants.

Process and activity timelines (also sometimes called Logic models) are very helpful tools for visualizing the flow of your program, both during the design stage and during implementation.  Using graphic representations of these various steps can also be useful in the evaluation of your program. The Resources Sidebar includes two sample logic models and links to additional information on this topic.

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