Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

Programs Information

In this section of the Alcohol Education Guide, you will find a curated list of alcohol education programs that meet a set of criteria developed by the Guide's Advisory Group members. These criteria are the minimum standards that a program must meet to be listed in this section of the Guide as an example of good practice in alcohol education.  

In addition, this section of the guide contains information on Program Adaptation.


How to Search for Alcohol Education Programs

The Search Programs page contains all programs selected by the Advisory Group. Here you will be able to customize your search for alcohol education programs by:

      • Country or region of implementation
      • Alcohol-related issue
      • Target audience
      • Setting
      • Approach.

If you would like to recommend a program as an example of good practice in alcohol education, please provide information about the program, including a link to the program website, or an evaluation report, through the Comments? Questions? link. Please read the list of Inclusion Criteria before submitting your recommendation. Submitted programs that meet all of the inclusion criteria will be reviewed by the Advisory Group and, upon approval, will be added to the Programs List and Search page.