Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

Prata Om Alkohol (Talking About Alcohol - Sweden)



Developer: The Swedish Spirits and Wine Suppliers Association 

Partners: The Swedish Council for Information on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Program Overview: Prata Om Alkohol was launched in 2006 by the Swedish Spirits and Wine Suppliers Association in response to greater rates of alcohol consumption among Swedish youth in comparison with youth of other European nations. Today, the program is used throughout Sweden in over 75% of all Swedish secondary and upper secondary schools. It aims to encourage young people not to consume alcohol, and to encourage those who do drink to consume less and to adopt a healthy approach to drinking. 

Program Design: Prata Om Alkohol consists of classroom exercises using discussion-based teaching for social and emotional learning. Though the program aims to encourage students not to drink, it incorporates the principles of harm reduction by advising students how to drink responsibly if they do choose to drink. This is accomplished through dialogue and individual reflection on the effects, risks, and consequences of alcohol as well as conversion on existing laws on alcohol and why they are in place. 

Evaluation: The program was evaluated using a randomized, controlled trial with a total of 21 classes, 11 of which received the intervention while the remaining 10 were assigned to the control group. Both the intervention and the control groups were surveyed on their drinking behavior and on their knowledge of alcohol-related risks. The groups were surveyed once before the start of the program and again at the end.

Key findings: Evaluation of Prata Om Alkohol showed that the program primarily influenced self-reported alcohol consumption and risky behavior during the recent past.



  1. Fernandes, T, Falkenäng, P., Hazelius, P., Stafström, M. (2010) A study of the alcohol prevention programme Talking About Alcohol in order to measure the programme’s effects on alcohol consumption among Year 9 students.

Target Audience: High school (15-18 years old)
Issues: Underage Drinking
Setting: Schools
Approach: Life Skills
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