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ATLAS (Athletes Training and Learning to Avoid Steroids)



Implementer: Oregon Health & Science University

Program Overview: The ATLAS programs main aim is to reduce the use and intentions to use anabolic steroids among high school aged male athletes in Portland, Oregon. In addition to anabolic steroids, the program also provides information and teaches refusal skills related to alcohol and illicit drugs.

Program Design: ATLAS is a two part program, based on social learning theory, which is incorporated into athletic training sessions. The first part of the program is a classroom curriculum which addresses anabolic steroid use as well as alcohol consumption and illicit drug use. The curriculum was administered by coached and volunteers in 45 minute sessions which included activities and small group exercises. Coaches also selected and trained peer leaders to assist with the training. The second part of the curriculum was a weight-room skills training exercise with a stronger focus on anabolic steroid use and the importance of healthy physical activity.

Evaluation: The evaluation included 31 schools and 3,200 students in the Portland, Oregon area. Schools were matched based on demographic factors and then randomly assigned to either the control or intervention group. Questionnaires included measures to assess a number of factors related to knowledge and beliefs regarding anabolic steroid use as well as alcohol consumption and illicit drug use. Alcohol and drug questions were modeled after the national Monitoring the Future survey. Surveys were administered

Key findings1Evaluation results showed a number of statistically significant findings, ATLAS participants showed:

  • Reduced use of anabolic steroids at post test and one year follow up
  • Lower impulsivity scores at post test and follow up
  • Higher reported self-esteem at post test
  • Lower rates of alcohol, marijuana, amphetamines, and narcotics us at one year follow up

Program Website: http://www.ohsu.edu/


1. Goldberg, L., MacKinnon, D. P., Elliot, D. L., Moe, E. L., Clark, G., & Cheong, J. W. (2000). The adolescent training and learning to avoid steroids program: Preventing drugs use and promoting health behaviors. Archives of Pediatric Medicine, Vol. 154(4), 332-338.

Target Audience: High school (15-18 years old)
Issues: Underage Drinking
Setting: Athletic events or practices, Schools
Approach: Life Skills
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