Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

Michigan Model for Health



Implementer: Central Michigan University

Program Overview: The Michigan Model for Health uses a school-based curriculum developed for students ages 5-19 with the aim of promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyles.

Program Design: The curriculum is delivered by teachers in classroom settings. Teachers are given a handbook and resources, as well access to additional online resources in order to customize content. Specific content and design varies depending on the grade level which the intervention is being delivered, but the curriculum covers a range of topics including alcohol consumption, HIV/AIDS, and nutrition and attempts to improve knowledge, knowledge, skill building, self-efficacy, and environmental support of students.

Evaluation: A 2011 study evaluated the effectiveness of the curriculum for fourth and fifth grade students at elementary schools in Michigan. The evaluation used pre and post tests along with a control group to assess program effects. Questionnaires included items intended to measure health promotion behaviors (including refusal skills), tobacco use and intentions, alcohol consumption and intentions, aggressive behavior and prosocial behavior.

Key findings1Evaluations of fourth and fifth grade students found statistically significant effects on:

  • Intentions to consume alcohol and to smoke cigarettes
  • Reductions in lifetime time and past 30 day alcohol consumption and tobacco use
  • Improvement in health promoting skills, specifically social and emotional health, interpersonal skills, and drug refusal skills

Program Website: emc.cmich.edu


1. O'Neill, J. M., Clark, J. K., & Jones, J. A. (2011). Promoting mental health and preventing substance abuse and violence in elementary students: A randomized control study of the Michigan Model for HealthJournal of School of Health, 81(6), 320-330.

Target Audience: Elementary school (10 years and younger), High school (15-18 years old), Middle school (10-14 years)
Issues: Underage Drinking
Setting: Schools
Approach: Life Skills
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