Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking

Guiding Good Choices (Formerly Preparing for Drug Free Years)



Developer: Channing Bete Company

Program Overview: This program is targeted at teaching knowledge and skills to parents of children 9-14 years old in an effort to prevent or reduce alcohol consumption and drug use among their children.

Program Design: This program aimed at parents teaches skills through 5 interactive sessions. The program is based on the social development model, social control theory, and differential association theory. Due to this, the program aims to enhance parent-child relationships and protective interactions in an effort to prevent alcohol consumption and substance use. A free preview of program materials can be viewed here.

Evaluation: The evaluation for this program included 429 families of 6th grade children (age 11) distributed across 33 schools. These schools were randomly assigned to either the Guiding Good Choices program, an alternative family based program (Iowa Strengthening Families Program), or a control condition. Baseline data were collected at age 11 and subjects were followed through age 22. At age 22 past-year alcohol abuse disorders were assessed.

Key findings1The program evaluation found that after ten years, young women who received the Guiding Good Choices intervention reported lower rates of alcohol abuse. Results were not statistically significant among men.

Program Website: www.channing-bete.com


1. Mason, W. A., Kosterman, R., Haggerty, K. P., Hawkins, J. D., Redmond, C., Spoth, R. L., & Shin, C. (2009). Gender moderation and social developmental mediation of the effect of a family-focused substance use preventive intervention on young adult alcohol abuseAddictive Behaviors, Vol. 34(6-7), 599-605.

Target Audience: Middle school (10-14 years), Parents
Issues: Underage Drinking
Setting: Family and home environments
Approach: Life Skills
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