Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking


The San Diego community recognized that they had a problem with young people and binge drinking that was related to the lower and less strictly enforced drinking age across the border in Mexico. In order to address this problem, a media campaign was developed and implemented in San Diego. The media campaign was used to support plans for improvements in enforcement efforts in Tijuana serving establishments and at the border crossing location; to encourage retailers to properly train staff in responsible hospitality; and to educate the public on risk associated with cross-border drinking. 

This community, multi-component approach was implemented by the Institute for Public Strategies and involved partners from San Diego County and the state of California, and the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE), as the program evaluator.

A detailed summary about this program and its evaluation is in the Programs section of the Guide.



1. Lange, J. B., Lauer, E. M., & Voas, R. B. (1999). A survey of the San Diego-Tijuana cross-border binging: Methods and analysis. Prevention Science, 5(2), 127-134.


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