Alcohol Education Guide
to Reducing Harmful Drinking


Unplugged is a school-based prevention program that was implemented in seven European countries. The program's initial phase revealed some of the potential obstacles faced by the program, including the suitability of the programs structure and materials for the intended age group. Identifying these obstacles allowed the program implementers to make adjustments and improve their program.

Program Website: eudap.net/Unplugged

A detailed summary of this program and its evaluation is included in the Programs section of the Guide.



1. Van Der Kreeft, P., Wiborg, G., Galanti, M. R., Siliquini, R., Bohrn, K., Scatigna, M., et al. (2009).“Unplugged”: A new European school programme against substance abuseDrugs: Education, Prevention and Policy,16(2), 167-181.


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